But...what if? A Journal For Anxious People (digital copy)

This is not a textbook or a guidebook on how to live your life with anxiety.

I am not going to list symptoms or diagnose you or tell you how to change your life.

This is a journal. A journal for anxious people.

In it, you’ll find pages for writing random thoughts, rants, and what-if scenarios. There are no dates. You will face zero pressure to fill it out daily or meet some made-up deadline or quota. In fact, I purposely made sure there were not exactly 365 blank pages staring at you, demanding your thoughts. You don’t have to write about your anxiety at all if you don’t want to. You can do whatever you want with this journal. It will not placate or admonish you. It will not tell you that everything will be fine. It will not tell you that you will be okay if you just smile or just to “let things go.” It will not tell you that it’s all in your head.

This journal is a place to do whatever you want. It is a distraction, a place for coloring pages, exercises, and general tips for dealing with life. You’ll find distractions, prompts, fun random facts and trivia, and a place to write whatever you want whenever you want.