Woohoo! Media! This page shows how popular I am, name-dropping sites and podcasts that have featured me, quoted me, or written about me in passing. This page is updated regularly.

Short Bio:

Hi! My name is Jyssica Schwartz, and I am a writer, editor, and book coach. I have always been a writer but was too scared to set up shop. When I turned 30 and rang in 10 years in corporate sales and business development, I realized I needed to try being a professional writer. If I failed, at least I tried. Instead, I succeeded faster than I thought possible, and quit my full-time day job only 90 days later!

I am both a traditionally published and self-published author and wrote 2017’s Write. Get Paid. Repeat., 2018’s You Are Not Alone, 2019’s Concept to Conclusion: How to Write a Book, 2020’s We Are Not Alone, and her first kid’s book in 2021 titled I Love You Bigger Than All The Stars In The Sky. Links to all books can be found on the Books page.


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Quoted in a book – Freelance Newbie: A Beginners Guide to Finding Clients, Making Money, and Building Your Web Development Empire by “RealTough” Candy. I am referenced on page 75 about contracts for freelancers. Link to this book here.

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