I love my clients! I work with some incredible people - authors, entrepreneurs, C-level executives - who know what they want to say, but need help telling their story.

That's where I come in.

Services Include:

  • Content Writing/Blogging: Creating new and original blog posts or articles for your website, service, or product.
  • Book/Manuscript Editing: Developmental editing and copyediting for grammar, punctuation, spelling, flow, and general readability.
  • Ghostwriting Services: Articles, blogs, and individual book chapters for nonfiction anthologies. [I do not currently have time to ghostwrite entire books]
  • Book Coaching: Includes conceptualizing and refining ideas, outline creation, accountability check-ins, and advice for overcoming obstacles.
  • E-learning Courses: Editing, structure, rewording/rewriting for clarity.
  • Kickstarter Campaigns: Writing main campaign content, FAQs, update edits, copywriting for marketing and landing pages, and video scripts.
  • Website Content: Review website + recommendations, copywriting, and editing; creating site architecture.
  • Freelance Business Coaching: Includes accountability check-ins and mentoring, assisting with marketing and finding clients, determining rates and pricing, creating samples, how to pitch yourself, raising prices, how to identify “bad” clients, time management and organization, contract and pitch templates, and more. For new freelancers and those who wish to grow their freelance business.

*Ask me about any additional services you are interested in but may not see listed.

Testimonials from my clients

More of what clients have to say:

“You are truly one of the greatest things that’s happened to me in my entire entrepreneurial career!”

“Jyssica, you are a genius! I love the new Home copy. I am putting it up right now!”

“You are aggressively organized. It’s a little intimidating.”

“You’re so responsive and quick, thank you!”

“You really listened. We only spoke for half an hour, how did you get my vibe so perfectly?”

“I literally could not have written this book without you, thank you so much!”

“Ahh! Great questions, you really know what you’re doing.”

“You are wonderful to work with.”

“You are amazing, thank you!”

What Have I Done Recently?

  • Managing editor for a suite of B2B websites: recruiting, hiring, training, and managing freelance writers and editors; review and assign posts to writers; assign editors to written posts; review all edited posts; prepare posts for publication on various websites.
  • Writing Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns, video scripts, and manuals for products, all of which far exceeded their funding goals. Products include: Chopbox ($1.8M), Cleansebot ($1.2M), Ecriture Perfect Knives ($376k), and GoGoLeash ($327k).
  • Working with publishers and author groups for anthologies: Manuscript editing, writing content for marketing, ghostwriting, and a la carte writing services. 
  • Weekly blogging for multiple clients, including entrepreneurs, authors, a web design company, a cannabis company, technology companies, home remodeling firms, and more.
  • Managing Editor for online publishers to manage authors and manuscript editing; work with vendors to finalize book; upload to Amazon. Companies include: Authors Unite, Mission Matters, Callisto Media, and more.
  • Book editing for multiple genres with many diverse authors. Includes both nonfiction and fiction.
  • Website copy, marketing email templates, newsletters, and more for several clients.
  • Copywriting, including landing pages and marketing copy for a tech startup, a home remodeling company,  an engineering project management company, and other websites.
  • Freelance coaching for beginner freelancers.
  • Technical writing for a law firm in NYC.
  • Back end project management and operations management for several small businesses.
  • Social media strategy and content creation for small consulting firms.

*Contact me for additional services and questions. 

Books I've Edited Recently:

Something About Kate by W.R. Blocher

The Dead Side by W.R. Blocher

Holocaust’s Child: 10 Stories of Children Who Survived by Amy & W.R. Blocher

How to Lead Circle: 7 Principles to Lead Circle by Tanya Paluso

Word Awakening: Stop Writer’s Block and Start Creating Impact now by Alison Tugwell

The New Dating Playbook for Badass Women by Scott McDougal

The Enneagram for Relationships by Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober, MA

The SIBO Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed: The Complete Guide to Relieving Symptoms and Preventing Recurrence by Kristy Regan, MScN

The Complete Guide to Astrology by Louise Edington

Essential Keto Bread: Sweet and Savory Baked Goods to Satisfy Any Craving by Hilda Solares

Candy Making for Beginners by Karen Neugebauer

The 30-Minute Dairy Free Cookbook: 101 Easy and Delicious Meals for Busy People by Silvana Nardone

The Coffee Recipe Book: 50 Coffee & Espresso Drinks to Make at Home by Daniel Lancaster

The Ultimate Productivity Planner: A 90-Day Journal to Build Effective Habits by Lisa S. Griffith, CPO

Ambition: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees by Cheryl Johnson

Holocaust’s Child by Amy & W.R. Blocher

The Warriors of Actron by Maliha Ayaz

The Empowered Woman Series, Book 3: 7 Vulnerable Stories of Loss of Self, Reclamation of Power, and Unleashing Inner Courage by Jolie Dawn

Sometimes It Hurts: A Transgender Woman’s Journey by Allison Whitaker

Break the (food) Rules: Unleashing Your Natural Ability to Eat Intuitively, Listen to Your Gut, & Feel Great by Dr. Lauryn Lax

Angie Moon and The Legends: The Speedster by Huda Ayaz

Empowered Sexy & Free Volume 2: Eight Vulnerable Stories of Loss of Self, Reclamation of Power & Unleashing Inner Brilliance by Jolie Dawn

The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship by Jolie Dawn

My First Hug: An Inspirational Look at Baby Parenting by Jerry Chuculate

The Hunger House by Conor Mcguire

Busting the Life Insurance Lies: 38 Myths and Misconceptions That Sabotage Your Wealth by Kim Butler & Jack Burns