I love my clients! I work with some incredible people – authors, entrepreneurs, C-level executives – who know what they want to say, but need help telling their story.

That’s where I come in.

Services Include:

  • Creating new and original blog posts or articles for your website, service, or product
  • Book editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, flow, and general readability, as well as developmental editing
  • Ghostwriting services
  • Book Coaching, including accountability check-ins, overcoming obstacles, and  creating an outline (includes final editing)
  • Website content creation, copywriting, and editing; creating site architecture
  • Create marketing/sales email templates, writing marketing materials and sales scripts
  • Writing and editing resumes and cover letters and LinkedIn profile updates

*Ask about any additional services you are interested in but may not see listed.

What type of work have I done recently?

  • Weekly blogging for multiple clients, including entrepreneurs, several authors, a web design company, and more!
  • Editing and putting together a collaborative book with multiple authors!
  • Website copy, marketing email templates, and more for several clients!
  • Work with an author group: book editing, writing content for marketing, ghostwriting, and a la carte writing services!
  • Sales Consulting for a content marketing firm!
  • Book editing and ghostwriting with several best-selling authors!
  • Social media management for a small tech blog and for a business coach!
  • Copywriting and organization for an executive consulting firm’s website, and documentation for their internal database!
  • Full site architecture and all copywriting for several websites for a software and engineering project management company in NYC!
  • Copywriting, content creation, documentation, surveys, and sales scripts for a knowledge and risk management company!
  • Copywriting and technical writing for a law firm in NYC!
  • Website content copy-editing and blog editing for a recruiting company in California, HummingbirdRecruiting.com!

Here is a general price list.

Contact me for additional services and questions. 

Books I Edited Recently:

Angie Moon and The Legends: The Speedster

Empowered Sexy & Free Volume 2: Eight Vulnerable Stories of Loss of Self, Reclamation of Power & Unleashing Inner Brilliance

The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship

The Hunger House

Here are a couple things clients have said about me:

“You are truly one of the greatest things that’s happened to me in my entire entrepreneurial career!”

“Jyssica, you are a genius! I love the new Home copy. I am putting it up right now!”

“You are aggressively organized. It’s a little intimidating.”

“You’re so responsive and quick, thank you!”

“You really listened. We only spoke for half an hour, how did you get my vibe so perfectly?”

“I literally could not have written this book without you, thank you so much!”

“Ahh! Great questions, you really know what you’re doing.”

“You are wonderful to work with.”

“You are amazing, thank you!”