Concept to Conclusion: How to Write a Book (digital copy)

You’ve been wanting to write a book for YEARS. Life gets in the way, and hey, the idea of writing a whole book feels overwhelming! So, you keep pushing it off to someday.

This book is about how to write that book. There is a process for writing a book and I am going to break it down to the nuts and bolts for you. You can definitely, absolutely, 100% write a book.

Here’s the catch: This book is not about writing any book quickly. It’s about writing a good book on a deadline.

I am not promising you some clickbait-y idea of writing a book in 3 or 13 or even 30 days. I am promising (and delivering!) you a step-by-step guide to take you from initial concept to the conclusion of your manuscript and beyond.

In Concept to Conclusion, we dive deep into the process of writing your nonfiction book, including details and examples.

Some of what you’ll learn in this book is how to:
-Identify your audience
-Create an outline
-Write a chapter
-Understand the editing process
-Know your publishing options
-Use your book as a marketing tool
...and more!

It’s time to realize your dream of becoming a published author. You don’t need to be 30 years deep in your field or have an English degree. You just need to take the time and effort to share your message with the world -- and this book to show you how to do it.

*This is a digital ebook copy as a PDF.*